Helen Patrick

Where We're At...

As a new printmaker Helen has used her studio time to experiment and learn, exploring a wide range of printmaking techniques including intaglio etchings, drypoint and relief lino cuts. The most recent experiments have gravitated towards the etching process, maybe resulting from her scientific background where use of acids, fume hoods and masks were the norm.

Etching can be very time consuming and methodical, but there are many times when serendipity plays a part. She is still finding that there are so many options to explore and challenges to conquer.

The prints on show have developed from quick and intuitive sketches to produce line etching. Helen wants her work to convey a sense of expression despite the control and precision that etching requires.


Exhibition 14-17 October 2021 at Hot Bed Press PrintMakers' Studio in Salford

In the studio

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Work in progress

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On the wall

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