Jane McKeating

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A long-held interest in repeat drew Jane to printmaking, and the work on show here playfully explores how the use of a few plates can create a mass of images, which explore the repeats found in the structure of our daily lives. This is Bob plays with one elderly man’s world, of memory and imagination explored from his armchair and presented here in different visual formats.

Mm Really explores an imaginary conversation between 2 latte drinkers in the park café, capturing a contrast between the said and the unsaid.

Jane has found a love of the waterless lithography process which is ideal for interpreting her drawings across both cloth and paper. Print becomes part of a series of processes though which she likes to tell visual stories and experiment with narratives.


Exhibition 14-17 October 2021 at Hot Bed Press PrintMakers' Studio in Salford

In the studio

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Work in progress

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On the wall

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