Amanda Hancock

Tracing the Path experiments with layered print processes to evoke the texture, tone and patterns of the constantly evolving pavement beneath our feet.

Three mages from the INGO Collective group show at Hot Bed Press in Salford, showing Hanging Banner, larger prints and framed images

Resulting from repeated hour-long local street walks, when ‘difference’ became exciting and discarded items created their own narratives, Tracing the Path, amplifies Amanda's personal response to regional lockdowns and navigates a pathway through the imposed restrictions.

Finding a ball of blue wool unravelling in the street as if plotting a route combined with a 60 second motion image of the footpath seemed to mark the way forward. This led to a series of two-sided pieces that can be viewed sequentially from either side as if following a journey, plus a 4.5m long hanging encapsulating a blue thread.

“Broadly speaking I find myself noticing layers of colour, pattern or texture – unintentionally or consciously making connections; perhaps a place or half-remembered time, a mood or a moment re-imagined.”

Restricted access to studio/etching facilities over recent times led to a low-tech but rigorous ‘diy’ exploration of process, materials and mark-making. With reference to numerous photographs and in-situ wax rubbings and monoprints, the images begin with texture and pattern, contrasts and marks, exploiting technique to achieve a mash-up style derived from copper sulphate etching, carborundum, collagraph and screenprint.

To follow Amanda's current work take a look at @olivegrooveprints on instagram

Images from the INGO Collective group show October 2021 Photos: Jack Armour


Exhibition October 2021 at Hot Bed Press PrintMakers' Studio in Salford

collected work-in-progress spread out at Hot Bed Press studio

In the studio

Early preparatory work... seeing the experimental work laid out in the studio all the elements came together and make some sense.

Close up section of a textural collagraph print and blue line tracing the path

Work in progress

This little 'hand finished' collagraph seems to recollect the ball of blue wool found in the kirbside, zig zagging across the road.

series of hanging prints, mainly black and white etchings and collagraphs, two mult-plate prints include three layers of colour

On the wall

And finally, a series of nine two-sided pieces that can be viewed sequentially from either side as if following a journey.